Hip Hop Beats & Instrumentals

Yo! Party over here, Son! You care about your craft? Then you need one of these specially crafted Hip Hop Beats from BBO! We’ve got the essence of the sound that’ll have you rocking your B-Boy stance while you’re creating music that matters. Let BBO bless you with the dirty bass and slappin snares that will make your next Hip Hop record a treat for your listeners! And of course, the price is ALWAYS right @ www.beatsbyoctavia.com! Take a listen below by clicking on “GENRE” to find Hip Hop beats for sale fast!

Buying a leased beat allows you to use the beat (or song) for ONE commercial recording or broadcast. – Production credit must be given to BBO BeatsbyOctavia either in text format or verbally within the song. Text format must be included in all digital distribution meta data and printed material. Example: “SONG” produced by BBO www.beatsbyoctavia.com


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