Beats w/Hooks

Who else would take the time to not only craft dope musical piece, but also apply equally dope vocals to the chorus to help making a beat a song just for YOU??? Yep, us @ BBO! Sometimes you just need to slide your verse into a ready made package, and that’s what these Beats with Hooks for sale provide. Well written and executed hooks and choruses just waiting for YOUR lead vocals! Not to mention some great production! You + BBO Hook Beat = great feature and hit record! Only @! Take a listen below by clicking on “GENRE” to find Beats with Hooks for sale fast!

Buying a leased beat allows you to use the beat (or song) for ONE commercial recording or broadcast. – Production credit must be given to BBO BeatsbyOctavia either in text format or verbally within the song. Text format must be included in all digital distribution meta data and printed material. Example: “SONG” produced by BBO


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