Beats By Octavia (BBO) Announces Strategic Alliance With Industry Heavy Mach 1 Music

Cincinnati, OH – Beats By Octavia (BBO), the #1 Choice Online for production and purchase of exclusive and leased tracks and instrumentals, has entered into an exciting production agreement with Billboard Award Winning 19x Platinum Songwriter/Producer Eddie Galan and Mach 1 Music out of Los Angeles, CA. This partnership will not only bring an industry-quality sound to production found on the BBO website, but will also cater towards the development of the artists and ministries using these particular tracks, positioning their music for potential placement through various avenues (i.e., major labels, distribution, etc.). “The goal is to not only have a sharper, radio-ready sound off the bat, but to invest in the artists that have and continue to invest in us, and who are serious about taking their music to the next level,” offers BBO CEO Octavia Harris. “We want these guys to have the opportunity to enter a larger marketplace, where their music can have an even greater impact and is more effective; this partnership with Mach 1 Music will help do that.” The relationship between the two entities will also provide branding opportunities for artists who utilize the BBO/Mach 1 Music tracks.

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